“Better balance between jobs and housing.”

The Campaign for a Balanced Mountain View was formed in March, 2014 as an educational campaign organized to promote not only a better balance between jobs and housing in Mountain View, but also to sustain the economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our community.



We believe the San Antonio area provides an opportunity for Mountain View to plan better. We ask that the city not approve Phase 2 of the San Antonio Center development until the San Antonio Precise Plan is done. And we urge the city to revise the San Antonio Precise Plan to improve, not worsen, the jobs-housing imbalance.

  • Incentivize housing throughout the area, including above retail. We believe it is possible to maintain the regional shopping focus while creating a medium-density residential neighborhood.
  • Initiate discussions with the Los Altos School District to establish an elementary school in the planning area, perhaps incorporated into a residential development. (We are concerned that other development will occupy all land potentially suitable for a needed school.)
  • Orient development toward transit and establish transportation mode-share goals (limits on single-occupancy vehicles).
  • Create safe bike/walkways for people of all ages, especially children. “Sharrows” that place bikes in competition with vehicular traffic are not enough.
  • Allow little or no office building development. We expect to refine this statement after further discussions, but clearly we are against large office buildings such as those proposed for San Antonio Center Phase 2.
  • Preserve small businesses that contribute to the community.



Read Lenny Siegel’s rebuttal to Jac Siegel’s claims about the viability of housing in North Bayshore.

We see the City’s current deliberations as an opportunity to create a balanced, 21st century community in North Bayshore, built around the existing core of technology-related employment.

We propose:

  1. Enough residential units to accommodate new employees and create an opportunity for a balance of jobs and housing in the area.
  2. A mid-rise, medium-density, compact community with a good balance of jobs, housing and local services, including cafes, shops, and educational facilities, and at least one supermarket, to serve local needs.
  3. A mix of housing that serves diverse income levels and family sizes.
  4. A vibrant neighborhood that stays alive when major employers close for the day or the week.
  5. Comfortable, convenient personal mobility within North Bayshore, including walking, biking, and public transportation.
  6. Permanent connections from North Bayshore to the regional transit system via the downtown Caltrain station and the VTA light rail system.

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